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Final Post – saying goodbye to

June 29, 2011

This blog has moved! Quickly click here to visit the new site:





Final post?? I hear you thinking: is he quitting the blogosphere? No way. I am just jumping on the next stepping stone towards eternal blogging fame!
It has been quite a jump, migrating this website to a self-hosted one. Especially challenging if you have been blogging for more than a year already…

But I managed and I am proud and happy at the same time. Actually, this is a good moment to thank a couple of people.

Thank you fellow blogger Mei of Cumi & Ciki blog.

I started blogging in March 2010 only because Mei from Cumi & Ciki blog convinced me to do so. We had been batting around about traveling, ending up in me writing a guest post for her blog about our family travel to Morocco. And you know what, I think I discovered my passion for writing (next to my passion for travel and photography) right that very moment. I loved to create a story that acted as a call to action for readers: go out traveling, take your kids and travel the way travel should be. The Act of Traveling blog was born.

So thank you Mei for your initial support, I wouldn’t have started blogging without you!

Thank you my fellow blogger and friend Farnoosh Brock

After my first posts I discovered another inspiring blog, Prolific Living. No, that’s incorrect: I discovered an inspiring person! An energetic woman using her blog to help you create your very own and rich lifestyle, a lifestyle where travel plays an important part. Farnoosh of Prolific Living inspired and supported me many times (and she still does!): she learned me how to increase my writing skills, she generated new ideas when my own flow of ideas was blocked, she encouraged me to bring my blog to the next level (and the next level after that). Thank you Farnoosh, you are a great friend and supporter!

Thank you

Just like 17363929495 other bloggers, I believe we can surely thank What an amazing blogging tool, so easy to use. Thanks for featuring two of my posts on Freshly Pressed. Without a doubt that created an impressive readership!


I have built a fabulous crowd of subscribers (through RSS, E-mail or WordPress), thank YOU! I desperately want to take all of you along to the new site. The site migration forced me to install a new subscription tool: Feedburner. This means I have to ask each subscriber to subscribe again on my new blog. But there is also good news!

I am going to make your life easier. If you are a current subscriber, I will make sure you get a subscription activation link delivered right into your very own mailbox (this does not count for RSS subscribers)

Enough said. Enough words on this ‘old’ site. It has been great staying here at the hotel, but now it’s time to move on. I am checking out (no, I did not take anything from the minibar). Let’s go, follow me to


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  1. Jenna permalink

    I enjoyed reading about how you got started blogging; I didn’t know how you got started until now!
    Congratulations on making the move and designing your new site. I look forward to reading about your amazing travels!

  2. jacquelincangro permalink

    Congrats on the new site! It looks lovely. I’m subscribing already.

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