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What Invasion of the Body Snatchers can teach you about traveling

June 11, 2011

Stepping stones at Water Palace in Bali

Travel is an organism. Travel settles in your body. I am not sure if you born with travel genes, but let’s suppose not.

How do we get addicted to travel?

Well again, let’s suppose you are not born with travel genes. If today you are a passionate traveler like I am, you have reached that state of mind by moving from one stepping stone to another.

First you went out camping in your own backyard. Your first night not sleeping in your own room! How excited was that!? Do you remember? Lights went out in home and your parents went to their own bed. Safe behind wood, stone and glass. You were out in the dark, watching the stars, dreaming. Maybe you cried. Growing pains?

When it would start to rain you could always knock on the door and your worried parent would gladly welcome you back.  But you were out there! Outdoor air all for yourself!

Then you went camping with your parents. You started to discover other surroundings, other habits. You might went abroad, hearing different languages and eating different food.

Most global travelers also had some kind of international experience with studies or research abroad. That particular stepping stone made you want to learn more about these far-away countries. New cultures, wow!

Stepping stones are your personal way to travel reformation. Stepping stones are different for everybody. They can be places you visited, people and cultures you met, and travel stories you listened to.

One of my important stepping stones was my Japanese penpal Hiromi. She lived in Kyoto and triggered my interest to learn about Japan and Japanese culture. We met for the very first time in September 1995 in a subway station in Kyoto (note: I made a terrible cultural mistake by giving her a welcome kiss…Sorry Hiromi).

Meeting my penpal in Japan!! Can you imagine the excitement and the drive to meet more people in far-away countries.

My advice: use every stepping stone that comes your way. Take advantage of the opportunities!

And after a couple of stepping stones you will get addicted. The travel virus settles in your body. Here is, finally, when the Body Snatchers jump into this story!

Body Snatchers

We have to guard our travel addiction with our lives! Our body has become a cocoon of valuable travel memories and experiences. We live to travel and we travel to live.

Don’t let the snatchers take away the travel inside you. Don’t let them make clones of you, devoid of travel emotion.

Don’t let fear guide you or let other people tell you there are better ways to spend your money!

Don’t let people tell you shouldn’t drag your children to far-away places.

Don’t believe you are getting to old for this travel sh*t.

Don’t let the snatchers get you.

Don’t get frustrated when you experience a sudden drop in income, because there are many ways to enjoy traveling, on a budget or close to home .

Take every opportunity to be a traveler and to enrich the virus.

Kill the snatchers.

It’s your decision, your virus. You are in charge of your own story, your own travel addiction.

It might take you some time to reach ‘preferable’ levels of addiction. Travel stories cannot be created as such but they have to emerge from experiences.

But mind that moment when traveling becomes an addiction. Ignition.

My name is… [fill in your name] … and I am an addict.

Then start watching over your shoulder for the body snatchers.

This is the last post on this blog! Soon I will launch a completely redesigned website: Act of Traveling [dot] Com! This is my next stepping stone towards travel addiction (although I might have already reached that stage). I will let you know as soon as the new site is launched. See you all at ActOfTraveling.Com! 


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  1. I am quite happy to sit out on the front porch with a beer and take out as many travel snatchers with my shotgun as I can. Nobody is stopping this body from traveling.

    Maybe the reason so many people seem to be unfulfilled in life is because they pay so much mind to what other people want instead of what they want.

    Another great post Emiel. I am glad there are travel advocates like you out there promoting the simple, but elusive fact, that travel, in all its forms, is LIFE!

    Can’t wait to see the new site!

    • Hi Justin!
      I was totally imaging you sitting on the porch with your gun! lol
      Nobody is stopping this body from traveling, that’s the spirit!
      I am so glad you totally got the message in this post and the travel advocacy will continue elsewhere in this great Blogosphere!

  2. Can’t wait to see the new web site!

  3. jacquelincangro permalink

    Looking forward to visiting your new site. Please keep us posted. What an exciting new adventure!

  4. Congratulations on your new website! I’m curious to see the “new look!” 🙂

  5. Oh Emiel, right when I found you you are leaving the blogosphere? But glad to hear it’s only a metamorphosis. wonderful post – those snatchers come in many forms, particularly when you start a family and “settle down”. thanks to my German-born mother (immigrated to the US in her 20s) for being my stepping stone through frequent travels to visit family in Europe throughout my childhood and teenage years. She and her own insatiable curiousity for discovering places planted the seed for me! Cant wait to see your new site.

    • Dear Monique,
      I am not going anywhere…here to stay!
      Happy you liked the post. It was a daring one because I combined two totally different things. But in the end the message turned out to be a nice one and you totally got it. I love you mentioned your German-born mother as an important stepping stone. Guess we sometimes need to look back at our lives and discover how habits or interests have grown to its current status. See you soon at my ‘new crib’.

  6. I love to travel and I love reading about others’ travels. I can’t wait to see your new site. 🙂

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