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Travel that engages you – Fear Crushing Travel Guide

May 27, 2011

Fear Crushing Travel Guide

Do you feel like staying at home, rather than traveling to discover the world? Safe in your own backyard, just reading all these marvellous travel blogs. Reading and dreaming….someday I will travel too…

“Now it’s time to STOP dreaming!”

This post is all about how to overcome fears that withold you from doing the one investment that will give the most rewarding profit: TRAVEL.

Everybody loves to travel, right? It’s exotic and adventurous. But how do you deal with those fears that slowly become stronger as the travel plans become more concrete? Slowly become stronger as the departure date comes near.

What kind of FEARS are we talking about?

  • Are you afraid of entering a strange world with different people and unknown habits?
  • Are you hesitating to leave your child behind so you and your partner can go away for a vacation?
  • When taking your children along, are you afraid they might get sick? Do you fear long-haul traveling with your children?
  • Or are you saying no to travel because you fear the investment is not worth it?

All those fears are so real. So real that it might even have prevented you from traveling at all. And if that is true, I feel sorry for you. Because I know you so desperately want to go out and see the world! You want to marvel in traveling, telling all your family and friends about your time in India, the people you met in Peru or the unique encounter you had in Brazil.

I hear you. I understand travel fears are not easily dealt with. But there are possibilities. Things might change for you. But you have to work on it. You cannot marvel if you don’t take that next step.

Recently an extraordinary Travel Guide was launched. A Guide that will help you take those next steps. It is called the Fear Crushing Travel Guide, written by Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living.
She is passionate about traveling and decided to write an E-book about how to crush all kinds of travel fears. She has tons of experience from her own trips, but wisely decided to also interview 10 travel experts. Experts on traveling with young children, on how to overcome fear of flying, on how to deal with money constraints, etc.

You can click the link below to visit the Prolific Living blog and order the Guide which has already been recommended by famous travel bloggers worldwide. Click here to visit Prolific Living.

Traveling can be part of your lifestyle, your life rhythym. Are you ready to engage with travel? Crush those fears, now. Postponing will not improve the travel experience. Be fearless.

We use a new needle everytime...

Note: Farnoosh asked me early 2011 if she could interview me for her Fear Crushing Travel Guide. I was honored to be asked for my participation to this great project. I truly think she did a great job and delivered an unique product. I support her work for 100%, no doubts. Act of Traveling acts as an affiliate for this product.

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  1. Wonderful! I hope this book is available in Spanish, there are plenty of people here in small town Spain that could use it! Some are afraid to go as far as Barcelona (even though it’s a city only 7 hours North of us) because there are “bad” people there. And for some reason I always get asked about having to carry a gun around in the States?! One of the secrets might be watching less television…

    • A Spanish translation…hmm, actually a good idea Michelle!
      I love it (or actually not) when you write that people still ask if you should carry a gun around in the States. I guess we recently passed the era of Billy the Kid, didn’t we?

  2. It is such a great review and written in the writing voice of one of my favorite bloggers of all time. Emiel, the Fear Crushing Guide brought us even closer as bloggers and friends and travel lovers. It gives me immense pleasure that you think so highly of this guide and it was wonderful to have you be a central and important part of the guide. Thank you!!!

    • Touching comment Farnoosh, thank you. I know how much time and effort you put into this guide. And I believe it is unique!
      Bloggers, friends and travel lovers: here we are. To stay.

  3. Hi Emiel,
    So happy to find your blog!
    Farnoosh is a dear friend of mine and I’m a big fan of her writing. I’m sure her travel guide will be immensely useful for people who want to travel but have inhibitions for one reason or the other. I like your review a lot.

    I just subscribed to your blog as I share a passion for traveling, too. 🙂 I’ve just come back from a memorable trip to Coorg in South India. This place is nestled between breathtaking coffee plantations and offers close encounters with nature and wildlife!

    You’re right – there isn’t anything more rewarding than the joys of traveling!

    • Hello Rashmie!
      I am no less happy that you found my blog! Farnoosh is a great woman with inspiring energy all of the time. Glad we both know her.

      I had to Google ‘Coorg’ but it looks very beautiful (and green)!
      My blog is all about providing stories so people accept the fact that investment in traveling is the best investment there is. Traveling for me is an important part of a Prolific Living style! 🙂

  4. JennaFrancisco permalink

    Sounds like a really useful guide for everyone because just about everybody has fears of some kind related to travel (I do, too).

    • It is Jenna. It contains very practical tips (like how to leave your house) but it also give some psychological insight into the origin of travel fears. In the end, who doesn’t have fears when leaving their safe home 🙂

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