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108 Life Lessons shared

March 2, 2011

Life Lessons E-book

This post is about a fabulous new E-book: Life Lessons. You can download this E-book for free by clicking on the cover. Why do I believe you will benefit from reading this book? Let me explain.

December 2010 I wrote a post about “7 life lessons learned from living in Japan”, you might remember it. For me, launching this post created a ripple effect that left me grasping for breath! The post was promoted to Freshly Pressed by WordPress and received around 6,500 hits in only two days. For me that was awesome and I can assure you those were two hectic days end of December! But the post also introduced me into the world of authentic life stories and self development.

My post was not only intended to share my love for Japan. Another reason to tell this story was an invitation from Farnoosh Brock (Prolific Living) and Abubakar Jamil (Self Improvement Blog) to become part of a new blogging project. The project was about collecting and sharing life lessons.

Actually it was all about the creation of a net of gems. The Net hosts an amazing number of great souls, sharing their experiences and insights. Sometimes we come across inspirational stories that really make us think about our own life. This particular blogging project linked 108 life lessons.

I was one of the 108 bloggers. Can you imagine the cumulative intensity and strength of all these messages?

Now all the 108 blog posts are combined in a free E-book. This E-book is a marvelous collection of life lessons and includes links to every single blog post! A waterfall of life lessons, but a warm and inviting one, one that will clean and refresh you for sure.

Searching for advice

We are always willing to learn. We search the Net for inspiration and advice. The Act of Traveling is specifically about travel advice as I strongly believe traveling holds some of the most important life lessons around. Lessons like learning and embracing cultural differences, watching rich and poor living next to each other, or value the small things in life.

You will love this E-book. Did I mention it’s free?! Just click on the book cover.
You will learn from it, it will make you wonder and you will surely start thinking. Thinking about why you rush in life and why you don’t take the time to reflect. Don’t you just love “Time is a currency..”, just one of the many great quotes in the book?

108 stories captured and summarised in this book, a safe haven for you to self-reflect.

Lesson learned.


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  1. Fantastic Emiel! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Emiel, 6500 hits! Incredible even for me. Very very nice. I am so impressed – and so happy that our request brought you so much because funny enough, my Someday I will go back to Iran post – prompted by none other than yourself, brought me a ton of attention from my most silent readers (the best kind! :)). Thank you for completing the book by participating. And for this lovely review.

  3. Emiel,

    Gratitude my friend for all your love and care. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Colleen Newvine Tebeau permalink

    This sounds like an amazing collection — and for free, why wouldn’t I read it??

    Congratulations on being part of this project, and on having your blog launch you into new and exciting projects.

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