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And the award goes to….

February 13, 2011

I got an Award! From bloggers to bloggers, sounds great, right!? But this award came with a warning: a good news bad news message….I should have known…

Seriously, silly as it sounds, I’m honered that AmblerAngel picked my blog as one of her 5 nominations. I am flattered to read how she feels about my blog:

The Act of Traveling:  If you’re afraid to test your travel wings, Emiel will comfort your soul. He’s been all over the world with kids in tow. Fantastic pictures from places unknown complete with entertaining commentary. Now here’s a first- a travel blog that won’t bore you to tears with unnecessary minutiae yet provides enough detail to allow one to build an itinerary.

She even called my blog the yardstick to which all others should be measured. Isn’t that great?! How could I not accept this nomination? Thank you AmblerAngel. Let me take this opportunity to also thank all my readers for their support and fabulous comments. I am happy and proud that my travel experiences inspire people to go out and discover!

Okay, so much for the Academy Award-like acceptance speech.


With my acceptance the Meme-story continues… The Memetastic (pronounced meem-tastic) Award was created by Jillsmo wanting to spread the word of awesomeness within the blogosphere. And honestly, also to see where such a initiative would end. Is it a joke or serious business? Well, it’s like a chain reaction and it is going strong. The award is popping up on small blogs (call them the best kept secrets), first-time bloggers and reputable blogs. The great thing about this award is that blogs will be found by you. Hidden gems are waiting out there, waiting for us to find them.

So without any further ado, let me present to you the official graphic of The Memetastic Award:

It’s hideous hilarious, not? Now I got you jealous right? Well, maybe your blog is on my list of nominations….but before you scroll down, I have to explain the rules. I mentioned that this award was a good news bad news message. Here comes the bad part (I mean, if you are talking rules on the internet, that’s bad news. But I love the award so much that I will be playing the humble servant here).

Award-winners must follow a couple of specific rules:


  • The graphic above must be displayed in your post. Your post could be something like an award-acceptance speech. Or not, it is up to you. If you like the graphic (which I can hardly imagine) and want to post it large size, you can ask Jillsmo for a high-resolution version.
  • Now comes the fun part. You must list 5 things about yourself and 4 of them must be bold-faced lies. Let’s see if your hard-core readers can pick the one truth. Silly rule, isn’t it?
  • Another must, but this is the (somewhat more) serious part of the award: you must pass this award on to 5 bloggers. I was thinking, should this be well-established blogs with a reputation, or newbie bloggers that could use a little bit support? Again, it will be your choice.
  • Finally, go back to Jillsmo’s blog and link up to the Memetastic Hop (just post your blog at the bottom).


Okay, let’s go!

5 things about myself, 1 of which is actually true

  1. I once bumped into Matt Damon when he was shooting Oceans Twelve in Amsterdam. We had coffee.
  2. Years ago I won an award for best karaoke performance: Frank Sinatra’s ‘I did it my way’.
  3. I lost three dogs in three years…all were hit by a car.
  4. I am one of the few people that love to go to the dentist. I just like that tickle feeling when they check my teeth.
  5. I can solve Rubik’s Cube in 20 minutes 45 seconds.

And now I will pass this award on to the following lucky recipients:

1. The PanAmericans

Searching for self-inventory, Mark brings his own perspective on what’s happening in the world. He is full of energy and ideas. After living in Colombia, Mark and Vanessa are now expat educators at the American School of Brasilia in Brazil. Being the PanAmericans, Mark’s posts carry a lot of soul.

2.  Try Uruguay

There’s more to Uruguay than meets the eye. This is a new blog, describing the personal record of Stuart and Honor on their adventure in Uruguay. They spent 10 years living in Japan and after a brief stay back in the UK, they decided to go for another adventure: Discover Uruguay, for themselves and for people looking for a less-known tourist destination.

3.  WorldSchool Adventures

For the last six years Mike and Amy have been working towards the goal of picking up and leaving the familiar and comfortable life they had in Canada for a life of adventure in the wide world. They travel with their two young children, Lan and Kayden and follow an unschooling approach to homeschooling. Their blog describes how they slowly travel through Asia. It is a great story and an inspiration for families that are still doubting whether to take their kids traveling.

4.  Unbrave Girl

Unbrave Girl likes cookies, you will notice that when your read her fabulous posts. She spent some time in Asia and started to write about her adventures. Her writing voice is appealing, I totally love her style. Unbrave Girl is a true well-kept secret in the blogosphere (although it probably is already no secret anymore).

5.  Raising Miro on the Road of Life

Lainie, 44 years, travels the world with her 11 year old son Miro. She gave up her life back in the States (job, house, everything) to live life as it should be. No more complexity, but a simple life. Slowly traveling the world and climb a volcano, live in the jungle, plant a garden. Lainie and Miro are Unschooling, they live and learn what they need to know and when they are ready for it. They are currently in Medellin, Colombia and hope to be able to travel for another 6,5 years. Today they only have 200 US dollars left, but they don’t worry about that. Read about their amazing life on their blog or in a recent interview.

So there we are. I have accepted the Award for my blog and passed it on to other blogs I like. There are more great blogs out there, I know and read them. I love every single blog I follow and just want to ask all of you to keep on writing, you all deserve and will get a wonderful audience!


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  1. Congrats!!!! 🙂 And thanks for the other blog recommendations! 🙂

  2. Congratulations for the wonderful award! It’s tough these days to be awarded such a [ cute ] award, something truly to be proud of.. I have to admit, I’m trying to guess which of the 5 are actually true, hoping it’s not the puppy comment.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful mention. I am honored to among such an amazing group of folks. Please, please, please don’t tell me I have to add that [beautiful] teddy bear badge to my page too. 🙂

    • Lainie, thank you *so* much 🙂
      About the teddy bear badge (actually, it’s a kitten), see it as a kind of Unschooling. Just put it on your site when you’re up to it. No sooner, no later, no pressure. When you feel the time is right, the award is yours!
      P.S. no, it was not the puppy thing, luckely…

  3. Ah. ok.. I’m relieved there isn’t a time limit on this thing and I’m relieved the puppy thing isn’t true.. I’m honored beyond belief, gotta bask in the glory for a bit then, and think about how I’m going to return the favor. 🙂 Stay tuned….

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