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Travel photography: 1 shot, 3 emotions.

November 29, 2010

I have to make a confession. I don’t like video. But I do like photography!

On earlier travels we did carry a video camera for a while, but we always forgot to use it until the last day. Taking photos is our passion. To try and capture that one unforgettable moment is always a challenge. That intriguing way a person looks at you, children’s sudden facial expression of joy or the sunlight creating a magical effect in the mountains, it’s almost art!

One photo captures one moment, in a split second. But even with a short shutter speed, emotions can go bazerk! One photo can stir up dozens of emotions.

What do I mean with that? Let’s give an example. During my last travel to Turkey I took a photo upon which people reacted very differently. It’s a photo of a plane and a parachute. People look at the photo and start discussing: what is happening here? I want to share this photo with you, a photo that can trigger three different emotions: hope, fear and joy.

Parachute and plane

I. Hope

A combination of plane and parachute brings thoughts of planes crashing and pilots jumping. We hope the pilot will survive.

II. Fear

Another emotion coming up while watching this photo is fear. We have a parachute floating in the air and we have a plane approaching fast. The plane is landing, but will it hit the parachute?

III. Joy

It’s holiday season! The plane brings a bunch of new tourists to the luxury beach hotels. Tourists with great expectations and ready to have some fun. The person on the parachute is having fun already! He has a great view and it might just be his first parachute jump ever. Life is great!

What about you, what do you feel when watching this photo?

Do you have a travel photo to share? A travel photo that also stirs up a lot of different emotions? Let’s create a wonderful collection, a treasure of our travel memories.


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  1. Dear Emiel,
    I suppose I feel hope and joy, considering how high that balloon is in comparison with the plane. Also, I feel a sense of excitement because the people in the balloon are free in fresh air, while the people on the plane are in a tight enclosed space. It would be so exciting to be in the balloon and wave to people inside the plane, or vice versa.

    Great photo! It’s a beautiful time of day and I love how sharply you got those images!

    • Mary,
      Excitement is exactly the right word. I love the way you compare the people in the balloon versus the people in the plane! Isn’t traveling all about trying to get some fresh air and a feeling of unwinding?
      Thanks for your continuous support to my blog, very much appreciated!

  2. People had all those emotions from that photo. First of all, if the pilot of THAT plane jumped out, the parachute would be UNDER the plane….To me, it’s a gorgeous sunset with a few objects in the back. And great colors and tones too!

    • It is a georgeous sunset, thanks Farnoosh. Talking about great colours, I visisted the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin during sunset: amazing and impressive at the same time. II will definitely write a post about that. Thanks for your comment!

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