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Do you need to be a sentimental idiot to enjoy traveling?

April 5, 2010

Twitter, 4 April 2010 – “Just met the sweetest, lifeloving cabdriver ever. But then again, I’m a sentimental idiot. #africa”

I recently read this message on Twitter. This tweet to me describes the essence of traveling. During travels you want to be surprised. Surprised by meeting special people at unexpected places. Or by wandering around this square and watch normal, daily life passing by.

I am a sentimental idiot myself, I know. After reading my own guest post at about my travel to Morocco, I was thinking what really inspires me while traveling. Is it that exceptional building or that amazing restaurant? No, for me it is something else, something below the surface.

The most enjoyable moments are the ones where you, even as a tourist, are embraced by local daily life. The moment you think: “If I was living here, this would be part of my day-to-day life.” At these occasions you truly value the opportunity to have a peek inside a different world.

These pictures are some sights that I find inspiring (these were shot in Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam). Really, I could sit and watch these sights for hours…I know, I’m a sentimental idiot.


Sentimental 3 Sentimental 6

Sentimental 2 Thailand, Bangkok

Vietnam, Hanoi - on the street Vietnam, Hanoi


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