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March 28, 2010

Yes, I admit, I have a fascination for doors… On every travel I’m trying to find a nice door to photograph. Only nice? No, the door should have a story. Who are or were the people living behind that door?  What kind of world does it protect?

Door Morocco Ait Benhaddou

In Morocco I was wandering the alleys of the town of Ait Benhaddou. I came across this door that I immediately photographed. How could I know people were still living there? A woman opened the door for me and I was embraced by the sounds and smells of goats, chickens and other small live stock! She showed me around in her house which to me was a valuable experience.

Doors are truly fascinating. They can open a totally different world. A new hidden world, only to enter when the owner allows you to. Exploring people and cultures means opening doors to get to know them. What kind of surprise have you ever encountered opening a door?

Moroccon door Door Morocco 1 Door Thailand Bangkok Door Hanoi Vietnam


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  1. Great post and nice photo. Interesting, because I have the same “thin” for doors, I always photograph them when I travel. I usually don’t enter to see what is there, I guess I don’t want to intrude and would like to leave it as a mystery 🙂

    • Hi Irina,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Good to know that there is someone out there with the same mysterious thing for doors 🙂

  2. I admit I love doors too – they are ever so symbolic and these have a mystic and curious look to them……I’ll pick up this curious habit with the new camera too :)!
    I think the best doors have been those that open to my family and friends (is that too silly? :))!

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