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My First Post!

March 24, 2010

Thanks for stopping by! Starting up my own blog is a next step, a further embracement by the World Wide Web.

My blog will be mainly about traveling. I started traveling in 1994 (yeah I know, back in the old days..) Planning your travels (without internet) was far more difficult than it is now. Does that mean the adventure nowadays is less? No way! The adventure is still there, exploring local cultures and habits. And the people you meet can now become friends for a lifetime due to the rise of social networks.

But traveling is also about other journeys and explorations: discovering social media or engaging in new marketing trends. As marketing & communications manager I am bound to touch on these subjects as well.

This blog is new. I started in March 2010 after my first guest post at www.cumiandciki.dom, the Food, Travel and Adventure blog from my dear friend Mei from Kuala Lumpur. Please return as I will be adding new posts soon.




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  1. lovely! bon blog šŸ™‚

  2. Just found your blog today from Freshly Pressed – congrats! Loved the beautiful photos and tips for traveling in Morocco. Looking forward to more!

    • Thank you Bernadette. Funny that I was just checking some possible travel arrangements for our family to Egypt!

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